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Avanza Solutions has signed a long-term, multipurpose agreement with AKD Securities Ltd

    Avanza Solutions has signed a long-term, multipurpose agreement with AKD Securities Ltd. AKD Securities will facilitate Avanza Solutions in fund raising and capital structuring. AKD Securities will contribute to accessing financial growth, market expansion, and accelerating capital advancement.

    This collaboration will increase the financial productivity and promote the capital expansion of Avanza solutions.

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Investor Awareness Session – Hyderabad

Participation Term Certificate - Treet Corporation

Interactive Session on Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

AKD Wins The PSO Corporate Bowling Championship 2011

AKD Securities claimed yet another title by winning the finals of the PSO Corporate Bowling Championship 2011 held on October 29, 2011 at The Arena, Karsaz, Karachi. AKD Securities has already won a number of competitions in cricket and table tennis, which not only highlights the excellent sporting skills of the individuals but also their understanding and team spirit, which is very much essential for any success; either it be a sporting event or any professional front.

The AKD Team played like true champions throughout the competition before outclassing the Standard Chartered Bank’s team in the finals. The championship organized by Deepfry Productions, was contested by nine teams in all, including teams from AKD Securities, PSO, Unilever, Qubee, Pak-Qatar Family Takaful and Standard Chartered Bank.

These types of events not only provide recreation to the employees of the participating teams but also help build better corporate relationships.

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